Set Up Your Own Salawat Gathering

Join the global movement of ṣalawāt recitation by setting up your own gathering. You can set up a local gathering and invite family members, friends or work colleagues to attend. You don’t have to be a Shaykh or an Imam. You’ll need enthusiasm, a bit of confidence, and a smile!

What you'll need


Ṣalawāt formulas – see resource section

Copies of poems

Copy of life of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) (sīrah) or the physical description (shamāil)

Food or refreshments

Don’t forget to invite people!!


1. Start with recitation of Surah Fatihah or Surah Yā-Sīn. We encourage that this is done collectively

2. Recite in Arabic ‘I seek refuge in Allah against the accursed satan’ followed by in Arabic ‘By the Name of Allah the Most-Merciful, the Compassionate’. Then recite the verse of al-Quran from 33:56. This is the verse which set the scene for why it is full of blessings to send ṣalawāt

3. Recite ṣalawāt for a long as you like. Maybe start with 100 times. If you feel this is too short, then maybe recite 300 times. Recite slowly and collectively

4. After about maybe 10 minutes you can break into a poem or a nāt if anyone feels confident or you can play an audio of a poem

5. Then you can continue with ṣalawāt 6. At the end of the gathering read section from your chosen book. We suggest to share this out amongst those who are in attendance

7. Make a note of the number of ṣalawāt read

8. End with a dua to include the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), his blessed family, blessed wives and respected companions, our parents, our Shaykhs, and our communities;

9. Serve food or refreshments.

Things to think about

1. Keep the gatherings short and the attention of everyone. We suggest to start off with 30 minutes to an hour

2. Try to include all those attending in some way if they feel confident

3. Keep the mood of the gathering welcoming

4. Review the points of etiquettes – see FAQs section

5. Suggest to hold these gatherings once a month

6. Think about the best place to hold such gatherings such as at home or in a local mosque

7. Don’t forget to let us know about the gathering. Where you are based and and details that you would like to share with everyone.