A warm thank you to all those who attended this auspicious event and made it a success!


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What is the Million Salawat Project

A global gathering of praise

What is Salawat?

Salawat is the recital of sending peace and blessings upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Various formulas short and extended that include sending peace and blessings upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family. 

Since 2012

From humble beginnings in 2012, a dedicated group of volunteers started out with the mission of reviving hearts through connecting with Allah and His Messenger (PBUH) through the practice of Salawat. 

Why Salawat

The practice of Salawat is blessed with inumerable benefits and has been practiced throughout Islamic history by all Muslims and favoured by the saints. Furthermore the Qur’an and Hadith illuminate its importance and necessity. 

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